Madame GooGoo – 16″x16″ (nb-18kg) Goose

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Product of Poland, Europe 

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Madame Googoo is one of the  famous and favorably carrier brand by parents in the world due to their Uniqueness, quality and  comfortableness.

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Product Description

This carrier is beautiful, and impeccably made!

Fun Facts about Marissa Shoppe!

  1.  Marissa Shoppe have sold more than 40 units of Madame Googoo baby carriers since 2015 , we place a bulky order from Madame Googoo to fulfill the demand from Madame Googoo fans in Malaysia.
  2. To appreciate the fans of baby carriers even more and to promote a safe and ergonomic baby wearing in Malaysia , we are now letting go limited units of our last ready stock Madame Googoo baby carriers!

Fun facts about Madame Googoo:

  1. Do you know, to have a Madame Googoo baby carrier directly from them, you need to place an order through their email and the minimal price for a basic design/panel/hood etc is RM 850++ not including postage (this is only basic with no additional accessories)  AND you need to wait the queue order/delivery for approximately two month due to a huge demand from other parts of the world.
  2. Do you know the design of Madame Googoo baby carrier is really hard to find? Every design is so unique.The fabrics are so fun and well coordinated.
  3. Do you know the quality of Madame Googoo carrier is the most satisfied by carrier users? The stitching & padding is perfect , the fabric is so comfort that you will have no doubts about the quality at all.
  4. Do you know despite having the best quality material made, Madame Googoo is one of the lightest carrier? only 600 grams!(+-) I bet you wont find a light carrier with high quality material and comfortableness!


Size 16″x 16″ – From New born up to 18 kg
Hood : Double layered flat contoured
Shoulder Straps Length : Adjustable from 14″ to 18″ with 3″ wide
Waist Band Length: 27″




Additional Information

Weight 612 g


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