Pump it – Milkbooster Drink (with goji berries)


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Product Description

Original MilkBooster Drink is a rich mix of fruit with galactagogue agent effective to boost milk

heartPack contains:
1. Longan

2. Black dates

3. Red dates

4. Sugar rock

5. Goji berries

6. 2 additional flavors Goji Berries or Rose Buds.

heartGoji Berries to give health and beauty the eyes of infants and mothers.
heartRose Buds turn to health and beauty of the skin of infants and mothers.

yesDrink at least 2 times a day and can be stored in chiller.

Hasil carian imej untuk PUMP IT GOJIHasil carian imej untuk PUMP IT GOJI


Additional Information

Weight 160 g


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