TANAMERA – HERBAL TEA ( 2g x 20 Sachet )

TANAMERA – HERBAL TEA ( 2g x 20 Sachet )


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Drinking Cleansing tea in the mornings forces the detoxification process to continue for an extended period of time and gets your body relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Our own magical concoction of Java Tea, green tea, brindal berry and Jati belanda makes this a perfect detoxification ritual. Consuming the tea regularly will help remove accumulated toxin due to stress that will inturn cause headaches, gall bladder issues, nervous disorders, indigestions, fatigues and more.


Piper Nigrum ( semen) 0.2gm
Piper Nigrum (semen) 0.2gm
Quercus Infectoria ( semen) 0.2gm
Usnea Barbata ( radix ) 0.2gm
Kaempferia Galanga ( radix) 0.4gm
Zingiber Officinale ( rhizome) 0.4gm
Curcuma Domestica ( rhizome) 0.4gm

How To Use:

Steep 1 sachet of tea into a teapot of hot water for 5-10 minutes. Remove sachet and keep refrigerated in a sealed container until the next usage. Tea sachets can be used twice if stored properly. Sweeten with honey is necessary. However, to get the full herbal flavor, it is best to drink the tea without any sweeteners. Keep the tea in the fridge for a nice cool tea during summer days!

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Weight 75 g

Cleansing herbal tea, Ginger tea, Kaffir lime tea, Hibiscus tea


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